# HJAELP Docs 👋

Welcome to the getting started guides for HJAELP and HJAELPCOIN.

# What is HJAELP?

HJAELP is a decentralized, user-owned service marketplace that allows service providers to easily show, manage, and sell their skills. HJAELP's model allows providers to keep 100% of their earnings, and lets anyone find great services quickly and easily. HJAELP can take lower fees and create community ownership through the use of our blockchain token, HJAELPCOIN.


HJAELPCOIN is why HJAELP can take such low fees. It also enables our community of users to have control over the entire network. HJAELPCOIN is the utility token inside HJAELP used to buy and sell services, win rewards, govern the network, and more.

# Why is HJAELP different?

HJAELP is the first service marketplace that gives service providers a true share in the upside and control of the platform they work for.

Legacy platforms like Upwork, Thumbtack, etc. take 20 to 40% of what service providers earn. Not only that, but just a few executives and investors actually own the network. HJAELP takes 0% of what the provider makes, and the community of service providers control the network instead of just a privileged few.

When a service provider successfully completes a project on HJAELP, they are paid in cash and rewarded in HJAELPCOIN. They can then use their HJAELPCOIN to create and vote on proposals for how the HJAELP platform should work.

HJAELPCOIN allows HJAELPers to collectively control the network and take part in its upside. Extractive web2 marketplaces, where the ownership is concentrated in a small number of hands, are a thing of the past. HJAELP gives service providers a real stake in the platform at the same time as they earn a living from it.

# Learn more & get involved

Use the links below to find out more about how HJAELP works. We hope you'll get involved, whether as an app user (client), service provider (HJAELPer), dispute resolver (Juror), talent vetter (Validator), token holder, or just an active community member.

If you have any questions as you go along, please don't hesitate to ask in Telegram or Discord.

# Places to start


Become a Service Provider (HJAELPer)

Hire Service Providers

Beome a Resolver

Become a Validator